Community Project Information

8th Graders are actively working on commuity service projects througout January and February. Check here regularly for updates, invitations, and events!

Community Soccer Game this SATURDAY!

Sign up here to join Khalil and Jarek for an ICSAtlanta Community Soccer Tournament this weekend!

Climate Change & Food Waste

My name is Maya Carter and my partner Hannah Forgoston and I made a blog for our 8th-grade community project. The community project allows us to do a service and make a change in our community. If you want to combat climate change and food waste check out our website to learn what you can do to help!

Here is the link to our website:

Food Drive for the Drake House

Bake Sale for North Gwinnett Co-Op and Atlanta Mission

Open Mic Night!

Caroline, Isabelle, and Lily T. invite you to show of your talents at in Open Mic night on January 22 from 3-5pm. 

They are raising money for Lighthouse Family Retreat, a non-profit group that offers a relaxing week at the beach for families with a child who has cancer. Their goal is to raise $1000 to donate..

Come out for karaoke, poetry. comedy and any other talents! Fresh baked treats will be available for purchase. RSVP to

Scan QR Code for more information!