ICSAtlanta Middle School

Milestone Testing COMPLETE!

We finished our Milestones testing for grades 6-8 last week. We will have a few make up sessions next week for students who missed a section of the test, but regular class schedule will resume Monday, May 10.

Online classes will resume for ALL students Monday, May 10.

Milestones Testing to begin Friday for 6th & 8th grade

Students will begin Milestones testing on Friday, April 23. Students in 6th and 8th grade will take the ELA part 1 (Writing) test on Friday. Testing will continue for 6th and 8th grade as follows:

Monday, April 26 English/Language Arts (sections 2 & 3); grades 3, 5, 6, 8

Tuesday, April 27 Math (section 1); grades 3, 5, 6, 8

Thursday, April 29 Math (section 2); grades 3, 5, 6, 8

Friday, April 30 Science (sections 1 & 2); grades 5 & 8

Monday, May 3rd English/Language Arts (section 1: essay portion); grades 4 & 7

Social Studies; grade 8

Tuesday, May 4th English/Language Arts (sections 2 & 3); grades 4 & 7

Algebra (section 1); grade 8

Wednesday, May 5th Algebra (section 2); grade 8

Thursday, May 6th Math (section 1); grades 4 & 7

Friday, May 7th Math (section 2); grades 4 & 7

Online students will have INDEPENDENT work sessions if they are not taking the Milestones test. Work will be graded and used as evidence of attendance during these sessions.

Milestones Testing Update:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are getting closer to our Spring Georiga Milestone Assessment Testing Window and are making final preparations. Our Window opens on April 23rd and closes on May 14th. We wanted to make you aware of our testing schedule for 2021 so that you could help prepare your children for their scheduled testing days and give you some more information for this year's testing. Please read the Parent Information Letter - Final Preparations for Testing.

Georgia Milestones Testing Dates (also found on the letter):

Friday, April 23 English/Language Arts (section 1: essay portion); grades 3, 5, 6, 8

Monday, April 26 English/Language Arts (sections 2 & 3); grades 3, 5, 6, 8

Tuesday, April 27 Math (section 1); grades 3, 5, 6, 8

Thursday, April 29 Math (section 2); grades 3, 5, 6, 8

Friday, April 30 Science (sections 1 & 2); grades 5 & 8

Monday, May 3rd English/Language Arts (section 1: essay portion); grades 4 & 7

Social Studies; grade 8

Tuesday, May 4th English/Language Arts (sections 2 & 3); grades 4 & 7

Algebra (section 1); grade 8

Wednesday, May 5th Algebra (section 2); grade 8

Thursday, May 6th Math (section 1); grades 4 & 7

Friday, May 7th Math (section 2); grades 4 & 7

Retest Date for Math EOC Algebra: Wednesday, July 14.

Please note that state law regarding promotion/retention based on Milestones results will not be implemented this school year. In order to be promoted, students must still demonstrate on-grade-level ability in reading and math. Promotion/retention recommendations, however, will be determined with input from teachers and parents, placement committees, class performance, and formative tools--Milestones results will not be utilized for this purpose.

Algebra students who score below a 70% on their EOC Assessment will be given an opportunity to retest on Wednesday, July 14th.

As always, you can assist your child by ensuring that he or she:

  • gets plenty of rest during the testing weeks

  • eats a healthy breakfast

  • is present and punctual each day of testing (we will begin testing promptly at 8:00 AM at the Upper Campus and promptly at 8:30 AM at the Lower Campus)

  • brings a snack and a bottle of water

  • understands that this test is a positive opportunity to demonstrate what she or he knows.

We appreciate your continued interest in the education of your child(ren) and your support of our school. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and caring school community of parents, teachers, staff, and students!


Your Middle School Team

4th Quarter Starts March 15

Report cards were mailed home Friday, March 12. The 4th Quarter begins Monday, March 15.

Milestones Parent Night: Thursday, March 18at 6:30pm

Report Cards mailed home Friday, March 12

The 3rd quarter is ending this week! Look for report cards mailed home on Friday. All grades and attendance can also be checked in real time on Infinite Campus via the Parent Portal.

Read Across America Week

ICSAtlanta will celebrate Read Across America week March 1-5th. We will have lots of opportunities for middle schoolers to read in younger classes and a few guest readers in their classes as well! We have 2 more events for the week:

  • Tuesday: Dr. Seuss Dress Up day! Celebrate the great works of Dr. Seuss by dressing as your favorite character or wearing your PJs for the Sleep Book

  • All Week: Fox in Socks Drive! Bring a NEW pair of socks to give to the homeless through local charity, Giving Grace.

Celebrations & Out of Uniform options this week:

  • Tuesday, February 9: 100th Day of School; wear a shirt with 100 items on it (tallies, stripes, stars, etc). We will NOT be dressing at 100 year old people.

  • Thursday, February 11: 8th grade ONLY High School "signing" day; wear a shirt or colors from your new high school (uniform bottoms). If you are undecided, please wear a black t-shirt. Photos will be taken for the yearbook

  • Friday, February 12: Carnival!

    • Spanish: As Carnival in Spanish-speaking countries is typically very colorful, students in the Spanish track may dress in jeans with colorful t-shirts. Students will create masks in their classes.

    • French: Students in the French track are encouraged to dress up as knights, queens, and kings.

    • Mandarin: As Carnival is not celebrated in Mandarin speaking countries, students may pick a way to celebrate from any of the other track options.

    • German: Students in the German track may dress as children do for Carnival in the German-speaking countries. Costumes are usually simple and may involve some face paint. Masks are not typically needed (e.g. instead of wearing a lion mask, the face would be painted as a lion face). Please remember that costumes should be funny/happy rather than scary.

      • Here are some suggestions:

        • Jobs (e.g. baker, police officer, firefighter, etc.)

        • Animals (e.g. cat, lion, panda, etc.)

        • Magical (e.g. witch, wizard, fairy, etc.)

        • Story or Book Characters (e.g. princess, prince, Pippi Longstocking, etc.)

        • Mandarin:

        • Choose one of the options above.

    • Special notes:

      • Students are not allowed to bring toy weapons (e.g. swords, knives, guns, etc).

    • Whole-face masks are also not allowed.

Black History Month!

February is Black History Month! Middle School students can participate in the HBCU research contest. Check with Ms. Slater or Ms. Bell for further information!

Dress up:

  • Friday, February 5: Traditional African Attire

  • Friday, February 26: HBCU shirts or sweatshirts

Great Kindness Challenge

This week our school counselor, Mrs. Hughes, will be discussing the Great Kindness challenge with students. They will be encouraged to complete random acts of kindness throughout the week, including a Thankful Thursday where they will write letters to essential workers.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr fought for freedom and rights for all. Celebrate his legacy on Monday through service and continuing the quest for equality.

Welcome BACK!

Happy New Year! Your Middle School teachers are excited to start the new semester! Check each grade level page for update happening next week and the syllabus sign off form for your grade.

NOTE: ICSAtlanta will be 100% remote until Friday, January 15. In-person learning will resume on Monday, January 19.


Thank you to everyone who purchased gifts for the Giving Tree! All gifts were purchased for every family member and will be wrapped and delivered by our wonderful counselors this week.

Winter Break Dec 21-Jan 6

The 2nd semester is almost over! Students will have holiday parties in 7th period on Friday, Dec 18. Report cards will be MAILED home for each student so check your mailbox!

Updated: Giving Tree at ICSAtlanta still has gifts to be purchased!

This year we are doing a virtual Giving Tree for families at ICSAtlanta. Use the QR code or go to Amazon.com and search ICSAtlanta under "Custom Gift Registries" to find the list. Just click, purchase, and your items will be shipped straight to school and sorted by our amazing school counselors.

UC Yearbook Picture Day: Wednesday, November 11

Students should wear their UNIFORMS for their Yearbook picture on Wednesday. Pictures will be socially distanced and follow our COVID safety guidelines. Students will be able to remove their mask momentarily for their individual pictures only.

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to welcome students back to the building tomorrow! We've missed you all and can't wait to see you bright and EARLY in the carline!

Reminder for ALL students: 1st period will start at 7:25am tomorrow! Please be on time for your classes!

Report Cards Mailed Home

All middle school report cards were mailed home on Friday. Please look for your student's report card in the mail this week.

Students will have regular, LIVE classes Monday and Tuesday and independent work scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday while teachers get the school ready for students to return next week.

Please check the email from sent last Friday with details on returning to school to remaining online through December. All students will start class at 7:25am beginning October 26.

Family Conferences & Report Cards this week!

Please make sure you signed up for a conference with one of your child's teachers. You can contact other teachers directly if you feel a need to speak with an other teacher.

Students will have Independent work (no live sessions) Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They will have regular, live classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Report cards will be mailed home on Friday and should arrive at your house next week. You can check grades any time in our Infinite Campus Parent Portal: https://gacloud2.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/ics_atlanta.jsp?status=login

Organization is key in Middle School!

Let's get ORGANIZED! We know some students are struggling to keep up with classes, turning in assignment, due dates, and multitude of "clicks" required for online learning. Here are some helpful hints from your teachers:

  • The "tasks" and "keep" function of Google have been opened for middle schoolers.

  • Use an agenda--Google Calendar, sheet of paper, sticky notes, notebooks...anything you need to write down your assignments and due dates!

    • Your personal Google Calendar will show all assignments too!

  • EVERYTHING is in Google Classroom! Check there first :)

    • Use the To-Do list on Google classroom to check your work

    • Use the "Find" function (hold down the Control button (Ctrl) and press F) to find a missing assignment. Most are marked by day or week

Off to a great start!

Middle School is off to a GREAT start this year! Thank you for all the family support to make online learning possible at home!

Please continue to check your student's Google Classroom regularly for work completion. Grades will be added to Infinite Campus regularly.

Use the To Do list in Google Classroom to check for missing assignments.

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