Ms. Barb

American Sign Language (ASL)

I’m passionate about teaching ASL, especially to our young students. I love the fact that they think it’s cool to use American Sign Language as a means of communicating with one another. My students are so inspirational to me!

I’m originally from Pa. My family and I moved to Ga. 20 years ago. Go Dawgs! My son is living and working in D.C.

I became HOH/Deaf at the age 5, due to German Measles. I’m a native ASL signer. I graduated from RIT, 2nd Deaf college in America.

I’ve taught ASL for 10 years, and going on my third year here. I honestly have to say, in teaching ASL, this is one of my best experiences. My students here call me Ms. Barb...they will know my sign name after the first day, and in a short time, they too will get sign names. Welcome to ASL… to the parents, I hope you learn some ASL too, afterall, you’ll have some great teachers right at home!